Week 1 Heisman HYPE Rankings

It’s back! The first weekly ranking for 2016 Heisman candidates from the Heisman HYPE model. As I always do, I want to make one note: as should be expected, things move around a lot the first few weeks since the sample size for the current season is small and there is a good amount of variation in the quality of opponents.

Rank Name Position School
1 Lamar Jackson QB Louisville
2 JT Barrett QB Ohio State
3 Jalen Hurts QB Alabama
4 Nick Chubb RB Georgia
5 Christian McCaffrey RB Stanford
6 DeShone Kizer QB Notre Dame
7 Baker Mayfield QB Oklahoma
8 Dashaun Watson QB Clemson
9 Royce Freeman RB Oregon
10 Dalvin Cook RB Florida State

A lot of Heisman hopefuls saw their teams lose the first week, including Baker Mayfield, Leonard Fournette and Chad Kelly. Unusual, but there’s still plenty of time to make an inpression, as we’ve seen that the Heisman race’s most influential games come later in the year. Thanks for taking a look and stay tuned for next week.


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